Running project : pincponc 6




“Let‘s be realistic: try the impossible!“
Che Guevara

GAGAVARA* – Create your hero

Odysseus, Che Guevara, Princess Diana or Lady Gaga? Who are your personal heroes?

This year we want you to become visionaries and creators and present the world with your very own hero. 


DEADLINE January 2013. More Info



*Lady Gaga + Che Guevara = Gagavara

What is pincponc

Is there in the era of globalisation still a design identity? How do students in different countries approach the same topic? pincponc is an international project for design universities around the globe initiated.
The intention of the project is to investigate the cultural, emotional and artistic differences between the countries and also within the groups. International academies work together as they work simultaneously on topics dealing with social and cultural self-perception in different countries. The students document
and comment graphically their visions of the particular topic. In the end of the project the best works are chosen by an independent jury and presented to the public in the online gallery. pincponc also organise a joint exhibition and publish an exhibition catalog. More Info


pincponc quickly found international appeal - participants so far are Australia, Belgium, Germany, Estonia, Finland, Great Britain, Holland, India, Poland, Portugal, Scotland and the USA. Join pincponc




We are working on a new website. Soon students can create their own profile!!!